FACT: Every Super-Successful Internet Marketer Banks On Their Mailing List. If You’re Ready To Turn Your Website Into A Nuclear-Powered Cash Generator, Then Let Me Show You…

From: Rob Wiser

Dear Future Internet Mogul:

If you’re not using a smart, proven strategy to build a huge mailing list and convert your subscribers into buyers, you’re committing marketing suicide.

So if someone tapped you on the shoulder and handed you the exact rapid-fire system he used to build a mailing list of 63,000 + subscribers in a shockingly brief period of time, would you stop to listen?

Or would you just let it slide?

You’ll get a chance to answer that question in just a moment, but right now…

I want you to STOP what you’re doing and pay very close attention, because I’m about to reveal the secret “automatic weapon” that has the Internet Marketing world buzzing…

A weapon that top Internet Marketers are using to rocket their traffic, sales and profits to the next level.

It’s brain-dead easy to use, and once you upload this plugin to your website it instantly allows you to:

Build a mailing list 25x faster than your competitors…

Quickly create unique, eyeball-grabbing pop-up boxes that compel your visitors to give you their email address (or any information you ask for), so that the size of your mailing list multiplies every week…

It also plugs you into the devastating marketing power of Facebook Fan Pages. This is a whole new way to reach the masses with your offers, and it’s also a vast FREE traffic source that can literally transform your business (AND boost your search engine rankings. I’ll tell you how in just a moment…)

This very same tool even allows you to “grab” your website visitors before they exit your site, and make them one last irresistible offer (to buy your product, join your mailing list, become your Facebook Fan…customize it however you want!)

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Right now, at this very moment, people are finding your website and giving it a glance…

And the overwhelming majority of them are leaving without taking any action.

They’re not bothering to sign up for your mailing list.

They’re not clicking on your banners.

And they’re not buying your offer.

Because here’s the reality…


And this isn’t only squandering your traffic and holding you back from making fat stacks of cash…

Did you know it’s also hurting your Google rankings?

You’ve probably heard of Google’s “Panda” algorhythm, which “The Big G” rolled out last year.

Panda is punishing without mercy websites that it deems to be “low quality,” which will cause your search engine rankings to plummet (and when that happens, kiss your traffic goodbye…)

One of the ways Panda evaluates “quality” is by looking at your Bounce Rate.

When your site has a high Bounce Rate, it means most of your visitors are only staying on your site for a short time before “bouncing” somewhere else…which signals to Google that your website is not relevant and does not contain useful information…and that’s when “The Big G” gives your rankings a SMACK DOWN.

On the other hand, if you’re getting people to sign up for your list, and “Like” you (and interact with you) on Facebook, and then you route them to another page on your site to access a free gift…

That’s when people stay on your site longer…your Bounce Rate goes down…and Google rewards you with higher rankings.

But the solution I’ve discovered won’t just help you get “Google love.” It will also…

1. Convert your traffic into subscribers. The foundation of every hyper-profitable Internet marketing business is a large, highly responsive mailing list. I’m going to show you exactly how to funnel large numbers of eager subscribers onto your mailing list every day, so that you can follow up with them and sell them multiple products. This is the true secret to earning life-changing amounts of passive, long-term income.

2. This solution will also present your visitors with compelling “Exit Offers.” This way, you’ll make flurries of sales and get hundreds of signups from visitors who would have otherwise left your site and never returned.

3. At the same time, this solution also harnesses the power of Facebook to give you an eager army of “Facebook fans” who you can build relationships with, and market offers to.

  • This discovery I’m about to reveal is NOT for you if you’re only interested in chasing a quick buck, and you want to spam unsuspecting (and unwilling) prospects into foggy-eyed submission.
  • It’s NOT for you if you’re think making online is all about “gaming” Google by using black hat software and spammy link building services. I’ve burned thousands of dollars on those products, and they hurt me more than they helped.(What I’m about to show you is a way to turbocharge your business, and income, without having to pin your hopes on “The Big G…”)
  • And this discovery is NOT for you if you’re only looking to scam a few bucks out of customers and don’t care whether they ever trust you (or buy from you) again.

But if you’ve read this far, I know you’re looking at the “Big Picture” and you want your website and your business to be ethical, built to last, and hugely profitable.

Not just today.

Not just for the next few months.

But for as long as you do business online.

Once I made this discovery, I was able to “flip the switch” and turn my website into a 24/7 lead-generating, cash-grabbing machine.

It’s a brand-new plugin called List Farmer, and in a moment I’m going to share with you the unusual true story of how I came up with this solution…and what it will do for your online business and your long-term success on the Internet.

List Farmer has been called “The Triple-Threat Weapon” because it combines three mega-powerful features into a single, easy-to-use plugin.

(It’s so easy you can upload it, configure the settings, and unleash its power within five minutes!)

Because I know you want to finally “crack the code” and starting making serious money with your online business.

I’m not here to show you how to earn some extra “pocket money” in your spare time.

I’m handing you the keys to building your own consistently profitable, long-term Internet empire…

A business that runs on autopilot once the pieces are in place.

And the biggest “piece of the puzzle” is figuring out an easy system that converts your traffic like clockwork…getting new subscribers on your list, and then turning those subscribers into buyers.

Because you must never forget this…

This means getting as many of your visitors as possible onto your mailing list…

Having them “Like” your Facebook Fan Page (I’ll explain why this is crucial in just a second)…

And then setting up your autoresponder, and “tweaking” your email messages, so that every email you send to them builds trust and rapport and increases the chance that they will buy your offer.

Once you set up List Farmer (and I’ll take you by the hand and show you how), you’ve planted the seeds for your online business to grow beyond anything you can imagine right now…

And set yourself up for long term success.

Step One: Install List Farmer on your site and activate it to start pulling new subscribers onto your mailing list, and adding them as your Facebook Fans.

(You’ll drastically grow your business while you’re sleeping, hanging out with your family, or on vacation and nowhere near your computer…)

Step Two: Follow the easy steps laid out in the Video Training Modules that come with the List Farmer system. These Video Modules are jam-packed with “ninja” tactics and tricks for not only growing your list faster, but building a relationship with your subscribers so that they respect you, trust you, like you, and want to try out the offers you tell them about.

I’ll tell you more about the Video Training Modules in just a moment, because when you download List Farmer you’re getting much more than just a plug-in.

You’re also getting a step-by-step training system that shows you how to build your list and market to your subscribers in the most effective (and profitable) way possible.

I’m going to show you exactly how it all works in a moment, and why this is the “missing piece of the puzzle” that’s been holding you back from seeing sales pour into your account each and every day…

For three long years, I was banging my head against a brick wall, trying to figure out how to make consistent money online.

I had some decent months…and then, months where I barely earned enough to pay the rent on my shoebox-sized apartment.

It wasn’t income that I could depend on…certainly not enough for me to tell my boss to “shove it” and quit my full-time job…

And most of the money I did make went back into buying more products, services and shady “magic bullet systems” pitched by the gurus…

One of the products I bought was about how to make a “guaranteed fortune” with Google Adwords.

Yeah, right…I burned through hundreds of dollars buying ads in the first week, with nothing to show for it except for a maxed-out credit card.

So I decided to focus my efforts on SEO. I figured that with SEO, at least you don’t need to spend money to get more traffic…

And for the next year, I chained myself to my computer and spent 12-14 hours a day trying to claw my way up the Google search engine rankings.

I wrote hundreds of articles, which I submitted to the article directories to get back links…

I spent sleepless nights recording YouTube videos to try to bring in “viral traffic…”

I paid through the nose for automated article submitters, blog networks, spinners, bookmarking services…

And over time, I saw my rankings slowly rise.

And with that, came more traffic. LOTS more traffic!

By 2010, my site was getting more than 3,500 unique visitors a day and the sales were rolling in.

Enough for me to quit my day job!

So I kept pounding away at SEO, trying to get on Page One for more keywords, and my traffic continued to creep up…

Until the fateful day when I woke up…checked my sales account, expecting to see the usual $200-$300 in sales…

And instead, saw a big fat ZERO.

I felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach…but it was about to get worse.

Next, I opened my Google Analytics… and saw that my daily traffic had fallen off a cliff.

Overnight, my traffic and sales had been virtually wiped out.

I wanted to crawl back into bed and put a pillow over my head instead of having to face the world.

And it was all because…

If your rankings were affected by the Google Panda algorythm, you felt my pain.

And if you haven’t been hurt by Panda yet, I’ve got news for you: right now, Google is continually tweaking and changing its algorythm, and you could be next.

“The Big G” is not a fan of Internet marketing. In fact, if you’re trying to market products online, they’re figuring out ways right now to shut you out of those highly-coveted top three search engine positions.

The bottom line is, you cannot allow Google to determine your fate.

You cannot allow some out-of-the-blue “algorythm update” to suddenly torpedo your rankings and decimate your daily earnings.

Your business needs to have a rock-solid foundation that can withstand any curveball that Google suddenly throws at you.

And I’m going to tell you exactly what this “foundation” is all about in just a moment, but let me get back to my story, because…

Here’s the “weird” part of the story where a “buzzed” millionaire marketer HANDED ME THE KEYS.

After my Google rankings got utterly annihilated, I threw up my hands in disgust. I was ready to walk away from Internet marketing and go back to my soul-sucking former life as a cubicle dweller.

But I’d already booked a ticket and plane fare to an Internet marketing seminar in New York City.

I didn’t want to let it go to waste, so I jumped on the plane…

And one night, after a long day of listening to mind-numbing presentations by more of the fake “gurus”…who want you to buy their wallet-busting products, but never actually tell you how they make their alleged online “fortunes”…

I was drinking my sorrows away in my hotel lobby bar when I saw a master internet marketer standing just a few feet away.

I knew this dude was raking in an insane multi-million dollar income (a friend of mine had done some copywriting for him, and had seen his sales figures…)

You sure wouldn’t know it by looking at this chilled-out dude…he was wearing a tee-shirt, shorts and a pair of flip-flops, and looked like he hadn’t slept or showered in a few days…

Then he walked up to the bar, right next to me, and ordered a beer.

At that moment, I had nothing to lose…

So I whipped out my remaining cash and stuffed it into the bartender’s hand.

I pointed to the guru and said “That guy’s drinks are on me tonight.”

The guru smiled, thanked me, and shook my hand.

I introduced myself and said…

“I just want to know one thing from you. What’s the big secret that the ‘gurus’ aren’t sharing? How can a regular online marketer like me get to your level of success? What’s the secret you’re NOT talking about in your products?”

The guru took a slug of beer and chuckled…

“Bro, just some to my next seminar. It’s next month…”

I wasn’t interested in hearing any more B.S. “guru talk” which would only cost me a lot of money.

So I ordered us a couple of shots of tequila, and I pressed him…

“You must know some ‘ninja’ SEO tactics. I bet you’ve got some ‘black hat’ strategy figured out that gets you a ton of free traffic.”

And then finally, he started to give up “the goods…”

“Dude, I stopped worrying about SEO a long time ago,” he said. “Way too unpredictable.”

I was gobsmacked.

“Wait,” I said. “You’re telling me, you’re hauling in millions of dollars, and you aren’t doing SEO?”

“Don’t need to,” he replied. “The money’s in the list. Build your list, take care of ’em the right way, and feed ’em what they want…and the money comes to you.

I told him I already had a mailing list, because I had one of those opt-in boxes that popped up on my site to collect email addresses, but I only had a few hundred subscribers…and whenever I sent out a “broadcast” to tell them about some affiliate offer, I only made a handful of sales (at best)…

So then he asked me 3 Questions about my list-building method and the way I’d set up my autoresponder.

I answered his questions…and he proceeded to tear my “strategy” to shreds and explain how I’d been doing it all wrong.

Over the next few hours at that hotel bar…as the beers (and a few tequila shots) flowed…he explained his method for list-building in a way that completely changed my perspective.

This internet marketing millionaire explained exactly why his “list” was the backbone of his web empire…

He even grabbed a cocktail napkin at one point and scribbled a diagram…mapping out what he called “The Triple-Threat Formula” for pulling in tons of subscribers and then building trust in a way that made them practically beg to buy his offers…

As the sun came up over New York City, and the laidback millionaire headed upstairs to his suite, I shoved that cocktail napkin in my pocket…raced back to my shoebox-sized hotel room on the other side of town…and logged into Skype.

I had to talk to my buddy Jackson Lin, a young Internet marketing wiz who I’d gotten to know on the forums.

Jackson had some brilliant programmers in China who had come up with amazing plug-ins for his site.

I whipped out my iPhone, took a picture of the napkin with “The Triple-Threat Formula” scribbled on it, and emailed it to him.

And I told him, “We need to figure out a way to turn this into a plug-in.”

Right now, you’re always on the lookout for the latest product which promises to “pull back the curtain” and show you a new method for rapid-fire results…

And you’ve probably spent countless hours on SEO…but even when you do manage to claw your way onto the first page of Google (or even into the top 3 spots), your traffic rises…

But your sales and signups don’t.

Your traffic is not converting into subscribers…

Which means that every day, all of those visitors you worked so hard to attract are leaving your website and never coming back.

You’ve got no way to follow up with those “tire kickers”…

No way to build a relationship with them…

No way to show them offers you think they’ll truly be interested in.

They’re just gone.

It reminds me of one of the 3 Questions I answered that night, when the “millionaire genius” grilled me…

And he was absolutely right.

Since that night in New York City, all of the six and seven-figure bad-ass marketers I’ve gotten to know say the same thing…

And the reason why is simple…

Studies have shown that it takes an average of seven contacts with a prospect before they’re willing to actually pull out their wallet and buy your offer.

That means you’ve got to be able to follow up with them after their first visit to your site at least seven times.

Even if your sales letter converts at 5% (a great number), this means you’re still losing 95 out of every 100 prospects that come to your site.

The same is true on your blog. Maybe they’ll read one page, maybe they’ll comment one time, then poof… they’re gone.

Every day, each prospect you’re writing to will be bombarded with some 650 advertising messages. That’s nearly 240,000 per year, every year of his or her life – and the volume is growing by the day.

These messages have made your prospect a seasoned consumer who has bought thousands of products and services over a lifetime – many of which lived up to their advertising, and many of which did not.

As a result, your prospect is a skeptic.

And this is why you need to not only build your mailing list rapidly, but also know how to make them loyal to you.

This means when you send them a message (whether it’s one of your autoresponder messages, or a “broadcast” that you send out to all of them), they will respond. They trust you, and they actually get excited when one your emails appears in their inbox.

Cultivating a powerful mailing list is about two things:

1. Building comfort and trust.

2. Giving tremendous VALUE.

You’re about to learn how to make this shift…because once you do, magic starts to happen.

When you follow the step-by-step action plan that comes with the List Farmer system, your subscribers start opening your emails like they’d open an email from a close friend.

They’ll take action and buy products you recommend, even if it’s NOT something they’d normally look at.

You’ll even start getting “thank you” emails from your subscribers, who want to tell you how much they appreciate your information…

While your website will sucks in cash like a nuclear-powered vacuum cleaner.

Look, we’re all in this business to make money…

But it’s also pretty friggin’ cool to know that you’re genuinely helping people to achieve their goals and dreams.

This is what happens when you ethically build and nurture a list of subscribers who like you, respect you, and look forward to your emails and offers.

(I’ve had subscribers contact me and ask me to send them MORE emails, because they absolutely love the information I share with them…and the products I tell them about.)

When you put List Farmer to work, you’ll see your list of subscribers grow by leaps and bounds…

You can market to them today, tomorrow, next month (I have subscribers who’ve been on my list for more than one year and they still buy my offers whenever I send out a broadcast).

And with List Farmer, your marketing firepower goes far beyond your mailing list…because at the same time, you can also use this tool to add thousands of members to your Facebook Fan Page.

I’m sure you’ve also played around with Facebook, trying to figure out how to channel the power of this social media juggernaut and use it to somehow generate traffic and sales…

But you haven’t “cracked the code” yet. If you’ve alfready set up a Facebook profile (or a Facebook fan page) for your business, you know that you can add a bunch of friends and post links for them to look at…

But these “Facebook friends” don’t really know who you are, and they’re not listening to your sales pitches or checking out your offers.

(They’re usually not even seeing your offers, because Facebook has a secret “filter” that you’re going to learn how to bypass in just a moment…)

And you’re about to discover exactly how to use List Farmer to massively expand your presence on Facebook, but first…

Let me reveal to you the Three Main Components of the List Farmer plugin:

First is the Entry Popup. This “email capture tool” is 10x more customizable than any other popup software on the market, and far more effective. In less than one minute, you can configure this box to appear on your site and invite your visitors to give you their first name and email address.

I know there are a bunch of other pop-up boxes out on the market…because I’ve tried all of them.

But I never found one that I was totally satisfied with.

For one thing, they weren’t customizable enough. I wanted to be able to choose from a variety of different templates, colors, lightbox effects, etc…and most importantly, I wanted to be able to use my own custom graphics.

Even the most popular opt-in box software on the market does not give you anywhere near the flexibility that List Farmer gives you.

But when you download List Farmer, you get much more than the popup software itself.

You also get a full suite of instructional videos, in which some of the “Hidden Giants” of Internet marketing share their most closely-guarded strategies for reeling in huge numbers of subscribers.

You’re going to learn about a technique that I call the “ethical bribe” — how to quickly create and offer a “freebie” that your visitors will receive in exchange for subscribing to your list.

(The days of asking people to subscribe to your list in exchange a flimsy 10-page “special report” are finished…you’re about to discover a far more effective way to “bribe” people onto your list, and it’s embarrassingly easy to set up!)

After analyzing all of the most popular opt-in boxes on the market, Jackson and I sat down with our team of programmers and created the best.

This tool alone is worth the price of the List Farmer package, but you’re getting much more than that…

Once you open up the List Farmer settings, you can click over to the “Exit Offer” screen and configure the second component in a matter of seconds.

The “Exit Offer” is activated when a visitor tries to leave your website.

This is your chance to present them with a final, super-tempting offer before they go.

The Exit Offer is also totally customizable. Here are just a few of the ways you can configure it:

  • You can route the user to a special page where they can try your product at a discount.
  • Show them a NEW opt-in box, that offers an even better gift in exchange for their email address.
  • You can send them to an affiliate offer.(They might not want your product, but they might want to buy another product you recommend.)
  • You can even configure your Exit Offer to get you Facebook Fans. Instead of asking for their email address in exchange for a gift, they’ll only need to give you a Facebook “Like” to claim their free stuff.

Some prospects might be reluctant to share their email address with you, but they’ll leap at the chance to claim a free gift just for clicking the “Like” button…

And in a moment, I’ll show you why getting them as a Facebook Fan can be just as powerful as getting them on your mailing list!

When you combine List Farmer’s Entry Popup box with the Exit Offer, you’re able to reach your visitors and pull them into your sales funnel in multiple, powerful ways.

Configure them the right way (as I’ll show you how to do), and you will skyrocket the probability that your visitors will take one (or both) of your offers.

And on top of that, List Farmer even plugs you into the power of Facebook top give you 10 times more marketing firepower than the competition…

Do you have a Facebook account?

I’m guessing you answered yes.

Because right now, over 850 million people do.

That’s 300 milion more people than the population of North America and Western Europe…combined!

Most Internet marketers think the only way to “cash in” on Facebook is to purchase expensive, risky Facebook ads.

But what if you could tap into the power of Facebook…totally free…and reach hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of prospects every time you decide to tell them about an offer? Without paying a single dollar?

The next generation of Internet marketers are taking a new approach to “list building,” and this includes taking advantage of social media.

Because it’s not only about getting people to “opt in” to your mailing list.

It’s also about having the power to instantly notify your army of Facebook “fans” whenever you want to show them something.

It could be a new blog post that you want to send a flood of traffic to…

It could be an offer that you want to let them know about.

The bottom line is…

This final component is why experienced Internet marketers are calling List Farmer a “game changer.”

First, you set up a Facebook Fan Page (we’ll show you exactly how to do it the right way and “unlock” special features that 95% of marketers aren’t even aware of).

Then, activate List Farmer’s Facebook Fan Grabber (it only takes one click) and decide which of your articles or blog posts you want this feature to appear on.

Now, your visitors will be shown a special offer at the top of your blog posts that invites them to “Like” your Facebook Fan Page. All they need to do is click the “Like” button, and they’ll receive whatever free “bonus” you’ve promised them.

(List Farmer allows you to show them attention-grabbing graphics and write custom headlines and descriptions, to motivate them to become your “fan.”)

Here’s the beauty of having them “Like” your Fan Page: Now you can market to them! Every time you post an update on your Fan Page, it will appear in that user’s Facebook news feed. This is like having a mailing list, except you’re marketing to your users over the world’s #1 social media site!

If you haven’t created a Fan Page yet, List Farmer includes a detailed bonus module from one of the top Facebook marketers, in which he shows you step-by-step how to quickly set up a great-looking Fan Page.

And if you do have a Fan Page, you’ll discover secret “tweaks” you can do to your page that will make it much more effective.

With List Farmer, you’ll rapidly grow your mailing list AND your Facebook Fan base simultaneously.

If you added up the cost of List Farmer’s three components and sold them individually, this package would be worth well over $247.

But you’re not going to pay that much, and I’ll explain why in a moment.

Before I tell you what you’re going to invest today, let me just remind you of what you already know:

  • Building a loyal, responsive mailing list is absolutely crucial to your success online. But if you’re only relying on the “old” methods and software, your list will only grow at a snail’s pace.
  • You must have a “Share The Wealth” mindset in order to convert your visitors into hordes of subscribers and buyers. List Farmer makes it super easy to set up irresistible Opt-In boxes, catchy Exit Offers and “free gifts” they can’t refuse.
  • If you’re not using Facebook Fan Pages (and their “hidden features”) to expand your marketing power, you’re blowing a golden opportunity to put your offers in front of a hungry crowd.

List Farmer solves all three of these challenges for you, and it’s seem embarrassingly easy to set up and start using today.

So if you can let me know what a fair price for this would be, I’ll sell you it for that much.

Clearly this triple-threat “automatic weapon” is worth a lot more than $247, because it:

  • Sucks in visitors like a magnet and fills your mailing list with new prospects and buyers 24/7
  • Shows you exactly how to “plant your flag” on Facebook and put your messages and links in front of thousands of eyeballs (at zero cost to you)
  • It “rescues” sales that you’re losing right now without even knowing it. No visitor to your website will be able to exit without being presented with one last impossible-to-refuse offer (and you’re about to discover exactly how to “craft” this offer so that it funnels money in your pockets).
  • Liberates you from having to grovel at Google’s feet and pray they give you rankings and traffic — because you’ll have a mailing list of thousands of loyal customers who eagerly respond to your offers.

Imagine having the ability to write a quick message to your list, load it into your mailer, and send it out on a Friday night…and by the time you roll out of bed on Sunday, you’ve made enough quick cash to pay for your next vacation…or pay your rent or mortgage for the next three months…

Just from taking 10 minutes to load up an email and push “send.”

Install List Farmer on your site, follow the easy-to-learn tactics in the videos, and it’s like turning your computer into your own personal ATM machine!

You can see that List Farmer is worth far more than $247, but I’m not finished yet. I’m going to give you more value that you’d ever expect by showing you what you get at no extra charge


List Building On Steroids (Regular Value: $49.99)
You already know the List Farmer plugin is the rapid-fire solution to building a huge mailing list FAST. But now you need to know how to maximize your mailing list for steady, long-term profits.

Most Internet marketers aren’t looking at the big picture. They just want to squeeze as much “fast money” as possible out of their subscribers, and so they bombard them with hype-fueled sales messages.

Some customers will buy, but many more will unsubscribe from your list and never give you another look.

(I know so-called IM “experts” who need to rebuild the size of their list every few months, because so many people are constantly UN-subscribing!)

You can treat your list like most marketers do…treat them carelessly, and annoy them with offers they’ll probably ignore…

Or, you can follow the step-by-step method you’ll discover in this exclusive Video Training Module, “List Building On Steroids,” and nurture your mailing list so that it yields massive long-term profits, day in and day out.

(Why sell your subscribers one product, when you could sell them 5, 10 even 20 different products over the long term? These can be products you create, or affiliate offers that pay you easy, fat commissions for hardly any work at all…)

When you take this “Big Picture” approach, you’ll dramatically elevate the “Lifetime Value” of your customers.

This means that over the course of your relationship, they’ll spend more money with you.

The first product you sell them will only be the beginning.

Remember the “seven contacts” rule I mentioned earlier: on average, your prospects need to feel trust before they whip out their wallet and purchase your product. (Or, someone else’s product that you are recommending to them.)

In order to make these seven contacts, you need to be able to “follow up” with them. But you must do it the right way. You need to know how to finesse your list, build up trust and rapport, and then slip in a “stealth sales pitch” (with a clever “call to action” that they’ll respond to.

In this Video Training Module, “List Building On Steroids,” I pull back the curtain and reveal…

  • What’s the difference between email and spam? Simple. Never talk to strangers. I’ll show you how to create, feed and water an email list that’ll pay you out for years to come. It’s your own personal ATM right there on your computer.
  • A closely-guarded method for “igniting” the broadcasts you send to your list, along with real-life examples of some of my most successful mailings (and even the subject lines I use to get crazy sky-high “open rates”)
  • How to “groom” your list so that you convert them from tire-kickers into eager buyers
  • How to turn your autoresponder into a 24/7 sales-generating juggernaut. This is the super-simple (and often ignored) secret weapon of the real masters of Internet marketing. Most web entrepreneurs are happy if 1 to 3 percent of people coming to their site buy something…I’ll show you how to nab and convert the 97% who get away.

If your goal is to make serious money online, and you’re not aggressively building a mailing list and nurturing your list them the smart way, that’s like coming to a gunfight but leaving 99% of your bullets in the glove compartment.

List Farmer will pump rocket fuel into your online business, while earning you legions of high-spending, highly-loyal customers like absolute clockwork.

And we go even deeper with this next exclusive bonus…

conversion commando
Conversion Commando (Regular Value: $59.99)
At the end of the day, the size of your list isn’t what matters. What does matter is knowing how to convert your subscribers into buyers.

Otherwise, what good are all those email addresses?

In Bonus #2, “Conversion Commando,” I pull back the curtain and reveal to you…

  • 10 sneaky techniques the “Hidden Giants” of the marketing world use to pull massive numbers of people onto their mailing lists — and exactly how and when they contact their subscribers to rake in head-spinning profits
  • How to easily pump out high-converting, eyeball grabbing copy FAST (even if you’re “not a writer,” HATE writing and have never written a sales letter or email before in your life)
  • Simple tricks for setting up wickedly effective “squeeze pages” on your site, to build your list even more rapidly (I’ll show you examples of some of the highest-converting squeeze pages on the web, and explain the “psychological triggers” that make them so powerful — so that you can use them yourself)
  • The “weird little secret” about email marketing that’s going to help you outrun the pack and break through to online success
  • 7 “ninja” techniques you can use right now to motivate visitors to click on your offers and BUY
  • A sneaky way to “flip the switch” with your sales copy which eradicates the tire kickers and adds hundreds of cash-paying customers to your business
  • The “secret sauce” that I add to all of my sales pages (it’s based on a powerful psychological principle that’s drop-dead simple), to easily boost my conversions by 3-5%
  • How to use the “rule of reciprocity” to make your visitors and subscribers feel a burning need to buy something from you (use this rule, and you’ll watch your daily sales soar like the space shuttle…)
  • Sales copy “magic” (follow these quick rules, easily give your sales pages a makeover, and you’ll see your conversion rate rise…)
  • How to overcome the 5 objections that all of your prospects have about making a purchase (once you incorporate these tactics into your sales message, they’ll click through and buy instead of hemming, hawing and coming up with excuses NOT to take action…)
  •  How you can make hundreds (or even thousands of dollars) every time you send a broadcast to your list — even if you only have a few hundred subscribers right now.

And if you take action today, I’ll even add one more module to this high-powered arsenal…

The Facebook Fan Page Formula (Regular Value: $79.99)
If you aren’t actively using a Facebook Fan Page to promote your business (and your offers), you’re blowing a million-dollar opportunity to reach thousands of potential buyers, without having to spend any money.

If you’ve set up a Fan Page already, you’re off to a good start — but did you know there are secret features and “tweaks” you can make to your Page, to boost its visibility and use it to drive more traffic and sales?

And did you know that Facebook recently overhauled its entire Fan Page system, and changed all the rules?

This caused a lot of marketers to curse, moan, and throw up their arms in defeat…

But not me. I reached out to some of the experts in my “Inner Circle” mastermind group to get their insights into the NEW Fan Page rules…

And what they told me will shock and amaze you.

They said that the new Fan Page system is actually MUCH BETTER for marketers like you and me…but only if you know how to set them up, and how to configure the “secret settings,” the correct way.

In this third Video Training Module, “Facebook Fan Page Formula,” you’ll hear from some of the top experts on Facebook marketing and get their full “bag of tricks.”

When you combine the power of these three exclusive bonuses, in no time flat you’ll be building your list faster…converting your subscribers into buyers like never before…and unleashing the full power of Facebook Fan Pages to give your business a whole other level of income-generating firepower.

So what do you think a fair price would be, for this brand new system?

$297 would be more than fair, considering all of the bonuses you’re getting.

But you’re not going to pay $297.

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You won’t even pay $97.

By ordering today only, you get the entire List Farmer system, including all of the bonuses and free lifetime updates, for only $67.

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If for any reason you don’t see great results from List Farmer, simply ask us for a refund and we’ll give it to you.

Every penny, without questions or hassles.

And you can keep all of the bonuses just for giving it a shot!

However, I cannot promise that this offer will be available tomorrow. Soon, we will be removing the bonuses from this package and selling them separately, so to lock in the rock-bottom $47 price you must act now.

Some of the smartest, savviest marketers in the business have unleashed List Farmer on their sites, and are reporting huge results…

“Thanks Rob and Jackson, this is a super cool plugin, it really rocks! This plugin not only increases your email opt-in rate, but the exit offer along with the facebook fan grabber really take it over the top. Not only does it supercharge your list building — just imagine getting hundreds of people to ‘like’ your facebook page from anywhere from the web! It’s a no-brainer to see how List Farmer can shoot your sales through the roof! Every serious marketer should go for this one! :)”
Dhaval From SEO Destiny & Warrior Forum Member
“I’ve seen a lot of ‘list building’ programs and gimmicks, and I’ve learned not to fall for the hyped up claims of most of them. Still, I gave List Farmer a chance because it seemed to solve a lot of the problems and have the missing pieces that most software designed to get those all-important optins did not have. Two thumbs up. It worked easily, no complicated set up,and more than anything, it does what it’s supposed to without confusion or hassle. The results were immediate. Although I just started using List Farmer, I’m very happy so far and look forward to seeing how much firepower this thing has.”
Brad Jackson From PUMA Skills
“When I look back at my time in this business, the ONE BIG MISTAKE I made was not collecting emails and building up my list right from the start.  Your List = Your business.  Period.  Part of the reason it took me so long was because I’m NOT a technically inclined person.  Setting up squeeze pages, dealing with html…. Not my thing.  This is what I love, love, love about list farmer.  You don’t need to know how to do any of that.  I just added the plugin to my wordpress blog, upload a picture, added in some text… and within five minutes I was pulling in new emails and building my list even faster.  The plugin also has some amazing features for getting Facebook likes (I now have over 14,550 likes on my Fan Page) and teaches you how maximize the cash you’ll make from your list.  Great stuff- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”
Tony Almeida, Founder of TSBMag.com
“list farmer is a must have if you want to be getting more options on your site. I easily added it to one of my websites paraperderbarriga.com. And when I say easy it is push button because I’m not very technical. I went from averaging 20-25 options a day to 35 the very next day, just from adding list farmer… I am extremely happy with the plugin and highly recommend it for anyone’s business if you want to build a list.”
Rob Brinded, Fitness Expert and Internet Marketer

But before you decide, I’ve got one more thing to show you…

Jump on this now and claim your copy of List Farmer, and we’ll throw in one more exclusive bonus. You’ll receive free lifetime updates whenever List Farmer is updated.We’ll be adding new features to List Farmer in the coming weeks and months, and whenever we release a new version you’ll be notified by email so that you can immediately download the latest version, absolutely free of charge.

(Doesn’t it get on your nerves when you buy a plugin or a piece of software, and a short time later you find out they’ve released a “new” version…and they want to charge you money for an “upgrade,” or even worse, they want you to buy it all over again? We don’t treat our customers that way, and that’s why if you order List Farmer today, you’ll receive free updates for life.)

You’re covered by an iron-clad, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with List Farmer, simply contact our Support Team and you’ll receive your money back in full.

The reason I can make this bold guarantee is that List Farmer truly is the “one-stop solution” for marketers like yourself who THINK BIG and want to enjoy massive success online, and the people who’ve tested it so far are reporting awesome results.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a “tech” person who knows how to install and configure plug-ins and handle all of that stuff, because…

(I’m definitely not a “techie” type of guy, so I made sure that the entire List Farmer system is extremely simple and explained in a step-by-step way that even my mom could follow.)

And if you’re still wondering whether you’re ready to take action and grab the Triple Threat System that skyrocketed the size of my list, and my earnings, to a level that makes my competitors tremble with envy…

list farmer guarantee

The way I see it, you’ve really only got two options…

OPTION #1: Continue lining the gurus’ pockets for the latest second-hand “tricks” and table scraps and slog it out for a shrinking pool of buyers with millions of competitors on Google… OR…

OPTION #2: Take ownership of the thousands of curious people who will visit your website – and turn them into subscribers and Facebook Fans who await your next message, your next piece of advice, your next offer.

I hope you choose option 2 because…

I know you can do this. You can join the Internet marketing “big dogs” who wield the power and influence, and make the big money, because they know how to grow, take care of, and capitalize on their mailing lists.

$67 One Time Only Payment

Here’s To MASSIVE Mailing Lists And Financial Freedom,

Rob Wiser & Jackson Lin

P.S. If you’re burning to make more money online, you know that having a huge list of thousands of subscribers and Facebook Fans would completely transform your online business. This is why I urge you to take advantage of this completely risk-free offer before we pull the bonuses offline.

Remember, you get a full 60 days to try out List Farmer, risk-free. If you aren’t thrilled with the results, just contact us for a full no-questions-asked refund.

P.P.S. List Farmer comes with instructional videos that make it super easy to install and set up, so that you’ll inject explosive marketing power into your website within minutes. But if you have any questions at all, our Customer Support team is standing by 24/7 to help you. Just email us at: support@listfarmer.com

$67 One Time Only Payment

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